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Clubman Large Stopwatch
Clubman Large Stopwatch
Clubman Large Stopwatch

Clubman Large Stopwatch

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With extra large minutes and seconds digits, smaller "hour" and 1/100th second digits this Clubman's stopwatch is a very useful piece of equipment to have with you on a rally. 

Included is a wrist strap, lanyard and also a clip option so that you can attach the stopwatch to a clipboard.

Features include:
Stopwatch, Countdown timer, Time of day, Alarm. (Model Fastime 11)

Particularly suitable for historic rallying where 1/100th sec. is not critical. Also suitable for most events and circuit racing where times are not required to be stored in memory.

The stopwatch times up 24 hours, with accuracy to 1/100th of a second. with start/stop (time out)/split (cumulative or lap)/restart/reset.

Countdown Timer
Shows target time, number of repeats and the time counting down with setting options of Count down/Count up, Count down/Stop, Count down/Repeat.

Time of Day
A fairly self-explanatory setting. It allows the stopwatch to display the current time.

The final function of the Fastime 11 allows you to set a time for your alarm. The alarm is enabled and disabled simply by pressing and holding the SPLIT/RESET button, and then pressing the START/STOP button.

In addition, the Fastime 11 has a backlight and a battery hatch for easy access when changing the battery.